Personal loans provide extra funds when you need them

Get a home equity line of credit, borrow money for a new car, or finance the site of your dream home with a loan from Bmandi Finance. Our friendly lending team will gladly help you explore all of your options, find the best interest rate, and get worry-free financing that fits your needs.

Line of Credit

Perfect for: People with fluctuating cash flow

  • Fund major purchases
  • Alleviate the stress of big expenses

Auto Loans

Perfect for: People in the market for a new or used vehicle

  • Buy a car, truck, or RV
  • Pay the vehicle off over time

Home Equity Loans

Perfect for: Homeowners looking to pay for large expenses or consolidate debt

  • Fund a remodel or big purchase
  • Reduce the number of loans you have

Lot and Construction Loans

Perfect for: People who want to build a home

  • Fund land or construction materials
  • Build your dream home


Fill out your application ahead of time, and review our account opening checklist to save time in the branch.